MediKeep in Berlin

It all began in April, when due to Bayer Nordic our CEO Kerti heard about Bayer HealthCare Accelerator (G4A). Our team made a video to present ourselves and before we knew it, we had a celebrating skype call from our lovely coaches including Jesus del Valle, announcing that:

“We are sorry to inform you, but the plane ticket prices from Tallinn to Berlin just went very high!”, pause “but you are invited to come to Berlin and take part of the Grants4Apps accelerator!”.

So we started organizing our move to Berlin with a smile on our faces. Finding a home to stay for four months was nerve-racking, luckily we found Coming Home agency, who had the perfect apartment for us.


Since we had more than one thing to take with us and the idea about weekend getaway in Germany sounded very good, we decided to take a road trip from Tallinn, Estonia to Berlin, Germany. 1700 km, sleepover in Poland near Warsaw and the next day, after driving 520 km straight, we arrived to Berlin around noon.

“It is warm, here in south!”

was our first reaction. We had late summer heat-wave, around 35°C and we loved it! Moving in, getting to know our new neighbourhood, our new co-workers, and working environment was so exciting. We had very warm welcome from Bayer, “Teretulnud” with Estonian flag was drawn to our board in the office. We had several meetups and awesome themed events, with delicious finger food that we really love! Not to mention meeting a lot of new and interesting people as well as possible future co-workers.

On 21th of August, we had our first big event – Kick-Off Event. This basically meant giving first impression of us to all our co-workers and possible future investors. Event was fun, Bayer Gastronomy had had some serious trouble finding and making Estonian food and drinks, but they did a great job!

We have had several day trips and weekend getaways:

Mesh Camp Participants from ten countries met on the campsite in Berlin. The camp prepared startups for their battle on the market by providing contacts, know-how, and presentations on all the important aspects relating to the foundation of an enterprise in the healthcare sector.


Saturday in Spreewald with our cool co-workers from Sendinaden!


Discovered beautiful Potsdam.

Visited Olympia Stadium and participated in KAI Congress

Leverkusen & Cologne – we had a chance to learn more about Bayer, see a little bit of the production site, and had fun with our co-workers.

Elbe Sandmountains

Our thoughts about Berlin and Germany

We are not used to:

– On Sunday, all the stores are closed
– In summer, there were so many wasps flying around
– There is no big grocery store where you could buy everything at once
– TV and Radio programs are all in German
– Spotify adverts are all in German
– You are always invited for a beer, never for a cake and coffee
– When You are crossing the road or stepping out of the bus, you have to watch out for a bicycle!
– Public transport’s monthly ticket is 80 €!!!!!! (In Tallinn it is free for city residents)
– Too much construction sites
– Pedestrian traffic light cycle lasts like 3 seconds!
– Our bath has no curtain, so after a shower our bathroom is flooded
– Free wifi is deficit (we are spoiled, from Estonia)
– In the cinema, adverts last 41 minutes!!

And we LOVE:

+ About 5°C warmer climate than in Estonia
+ International society
+ Our super-cool Bayer coaches
+ Networking
+ Well organized public transport
+ Ikea
+ Shopping experience
+ Cool design/DIY/art stores
+ Bunnies running around in the park and our back yard
+ Green Berlin, with awesome parks
+ Very family friendly/creative playgrounds all over
+ Big city, we always find something new
+ Bayer fresh juice counter
+ Bayer fresh salad counter
+ Paprika sausage
+ Häagen Dazs ice cream
+ Copic markers are available in all art stores
+ Birds singing early in the morning behind the window (Kerti doesn´t like it :))
+ International food in every street corner


Two weeks to Demo Day!