MediKeep 2.0 is here!

Official press notification:

Mobile application MediKeep now offers drug-drug interaction analysis based on a user’s personal medicine box in Estonia.

Android-sceens-copyMediKeep 2.0 has not only a completely new design but also several new features. The company participated in Grants4Apps Accelerator by Bayer Healthcare last year in Berlin. MediKeep’s goal is to simplify the management of home medicine. Thanks to the accelerator the mobile app now has new face and feel.

The most mentionable function is drug-drug interaction analysis based on the items the user has added to their interactive medicine box. It is based on the patient version of the drug-drug interaction database SFINX, developed in Scandinavia. The drug-drug interaction cases rise as the number of users have different medications increases. Aging population and chronic diseases popularity among younger generations are the reason people take several medications. While database SFINX has been used by doctors and pharmacists in Sweden and Finland more than a decade and has been available since May through e-prescription system for Estonian doctors, then patient version of the database is completely new service.

Second most notable function in the app is reminders system, where all taken medicine (or vitamins) through reminders run into the Health Diary log. When needed, the patient can add their own symptoms or notes, and it creates a timeline of events. It is easier for the patient to remember and explain to doctors when something was taken or when health issues occur. As an addition, the mobile app will notify the user when the medicament is less than 5% in quantity or when it is going to expire in a week.

In Estonia, it is possible to use the map function to find the nearest pharmacy. There are close to 70,000 medicine packages in the database and over 20,000 bar codes. Not all EAN-codes give immediate results if scanned but with the help of MediKeep users, they hope to match the package names and bar codes by the crowdsourcing method around the globe.

The last but not least important function is the possibility to share medicine box with another user – a family member or caretaker. While the medicine box is shared, each device can have their individual reminders and health diary.

The future plan for the MediKeep is to add more functions like shared Health Diary with the doctors and infographics about patient adherence. So it is possible in the future to connect MediKeep with the third party services – family doctor, pharmacy, or rehabilitation centered IT-systems.

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